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2nd-7th Grade
Strength & Conditioning

10 Class Pack - $165 (Class Pack expires when all 10 classes are used OR after 3 months)

Unlimited Classes - $150 (Month to Month, Automatic Renewal with a 15 day cancellation notice)

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We offer a comprehensive Strength & Conditioning Class for 2nd through 7th graders (8th graders will attend our high school classes). This class focuses on not only enhancing sport performance through movement fundamentals, but also introduces the importance of strength and conditioning off the field.

Our S&C Class is focused primarily on developing the athlete's speed, power and overall athleticism.  We begin with the basics, specifically teaching each athlete how to move correctly to build a solid foundation.  From there, the primary focus is improving their performance for their sport.


Meet Your Coaches


Sean Murphy, Owner, Head Coach


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